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Special Notice

Two changes have recently been made to all IAI certification programs that may affect some individuals currently certified. Those changes are as follows:

  1. For many years all IAI certification programs have had a one-year grace period for renewal following the expiration of certification. During that time, certification could be renewed without retesting or penalty. That one-year grace period will be eliminated on September 1, 2010. From that time on, there will be a 90-day grace period during which certification can be renewed for an additional fee of $50. If certification is not renewed within that 90-day period, the individual will need to take the test required of new applicants in order to reinstate certification.

  2. Many years ago some individuals were grandfathered into certification programs. Those individuals were not tested but were awarded certification based on experience, recommendations of peers, etc. Effective immediately, any grandfathered certificant who wishes to renew certification will be required to take the test currently in place for that certification. That is not a proficiency test but the test required of any new applicant to the program.

Questions? Please contact the secretary of the appropriate certification board for more information.


Certification Testing Fees

Effective January 1, 2012, the fee structure for IAI certification will be:


IAI Members:     Non-Members:  
Initial certification: $200 (US)   Initial certification: $300 (US)
Recertification: $200 (US)   Recertification: $300 (US)
Re-testing: $200 (US)   Re-testing: $300 (US)



Local divisions will continue to receive $50.00 to defer costs relating to background checking and proctoring the examination.

Bloodstain Pattern Examiner Certification
Bloodstain Pattern Examiner Certification requirements vary, but may include actual training as well as oral and/or visual presentations and an examination with a passing score of 75 percent.

Crime Scene Certification

Crime Scene Certification is a tri-level program:
    • Certified Crime Scene Investigator
    • Certified Crime Scene Analyst
    • Certified Crime Scene Reconstructionist
    • Certified Senior Crime Scene Analyst

Each level requires a vigorous testing process with a minimum passing score of 75 percent.


Footwear Certification

Footwear Certification requires that applicants meet specified requirements prior to beginning the testing process, which consists of a written and practical test.

Forensic Art Certification

Due to the multifaceted nature of Forensic Art, revisions have recently been made to the certification process that now opens Forensic Art Certification to practitioners of Facial Reconstruction and Age Progression as well as Composite Art.

Forensic Video Certification


Latent Print Certification

Latent Print Certification tests pattern interpretation of inked fingerprints and comparison of latent prints. In addition, multiple-choice questions cover every facet of the science of fingerprints. Each applicant for this certification must submit a case, including testimony and charted enlargements, to the Latent Print Certification Board.
Tenprint Fingerprint Certification

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