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Kansas Division of the International Association for Identification


To associate persons who are actively engaged in the profession of forensic identification, investigation and scientific examination of physical evidence, in an organized body within the state of Kansas, so that the professions, in all of its branches, may be standardized and practiced effectively and scientifically.

To encourage the expansion and improvement of the Sciences of Fingerprints, Firearms, Photography, and other branches of forensic identification in crime detection. Friction Ridge Skin Identification, Document Examination, Firearms Identification, Imprint Evidence, Polygraph Examinations, Forensic Photography and Electronic imaging, Forensic Art, Voice Identification and Acoustic Analysis, Crime Scene Investigation, Forensic Reconstruction, Blood Stain Pattern Identification, Forensic Laboratory Analysis, and matters of forensic interest in other disciplines including the natural and social sciences and law enforcement/criminal justice.

To encourage research in scientific crime detection.

To keep its members apprised of the latest techniques and discoveries in forensic identification and crime detection.

To employ the collective wisdom of the profession and to advance the scientific technique of personal identification and detection.

To work closer with the International Association for Identification in furthering the profession of identification generally.

KDIAI members come mostly from Kansas Law Enforcement Agencies (police departments and sheriff offices), but we do have some from forensic laboratories, coroner's offices, and from forensic programs at colleges in Kansas. These members are involved in investigating crimes, investigating crime scenes, evidence processing, and/or managing evidence. KDIAI members are detectives, investigators, police officers, sheriff's deputies, evidence technicians, crime scene investigators, death investigators, forensic scientists, instructors, and forensic students.

All are engaged in some aspect of forensic investigations either actively or in support of the investigation (or instructing or learning forensic science).

To view the KDIAI Constitution and Bylaws, click the link below.

KDIAI Constitution

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1109 N Minneapolis St

Wichita, KS 67214

The Kansas Division of the IAI is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization. 

(c) 2024 Kansas Division of the IAI

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