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Kansas Division of the International Association for Identification


The Kansas Division of the International Association for Identification was founded by in 1976 by William "Bill" Tucker, Lee Branum, John Scofield, Carl Carlson, Jordan Jones, James "Ron" Davis, and John C. Hazelet. Bill Tucker was elected president, Jordan Jones as first vice president, Lee Branum as second vice president, John Scofield as secretary/treasurer, Ron Davis and John Hazelet as Board of Directors. 

The founders met on March 31, 1976 in Topeka to discuss the forming of the Kansas Division of the IAI. The KDIAI was officially charted on October 1st, 1976 as the 27th member of chartered divisions of the IAI. The first newsletter was published by Bill Tucker, AKA Friar Tuck, on August 3, 1976.

The second annual business meeting was held October 21, 1977 in Wichita, KS. The business meeting was held, election of new officers took place, and awards were given for the first time. Those awards were "Member of the Year", "Article of the Year", and "Journal Cover Design". Bill Tucker won all three of these awards for his hard work on developing the newsletter, furthering the mission of the KDIAI, and getting new membership to join.

KDIAI Logos and Banners

Current Logo

2017 - Current

The current logo was designed by KDIAI member, Ira Freel, of Topeka, KS. He won the John C. Hazelet award for his efforts in designing and updating the KDIAI logo into a very professional and outstanding logo. 

Previous Logo

1990 / 1995 - 2017

This logo was initially used on new merchandise purchased in 1990, but did not see regular use on letterhead and newsletters until 1995. 

Previous Logo

1982 - 1995

In 1979 a committee was formed to work on a logo and banner. Leo Clegg and Randy Murphy were at least two assigned to that committee. At the 1980 Annual Meeting, a contest was held for the best logo, with about 20 logos being submitted and voted on. Rita Walsh, KSU student, won that contest. 

At the 1980 Annual Meeting Jimmy Peak was tasked with having a banner made with the newly designed logo. A commercial firm was tasked in 1981 to produce a banner, which was presented to the Board, who rejected the banner due to it being in rough form. Paula Mayhill, Tom Mayhill's wife, was asked to work on a new banner. Paula worked on the design and banner for months, creating a beautiful hand sewn gold banner with blue lettering. The fingerprint under the magnifying glass is understood to be Tom's right thumb print. The original design was supposed to be the thumb print of Sir Francis Galton.

The banner was completed in time for Rick Fahy, Charlie Klamm, and Ron Davis to take it with them to the national IAI Conference in Rochester, New York that took place July 25-29, 1982. The banner was displayed along with several other state division banners.

History of Named awards

Robert D. Olsen, Sr. Award

The award for the best article submitted to the KDIAI newsletter, The Prairie Whorlwind, is named after Robert D. Olsen Sr., a Kansas native, a leader in the science of fingerprints, a notable latent print examiner, previous KDIAI member (member #100), and the previous editor of The Prairie Whorlwind. In fact, the newsletter name changed from the Communicator to The Prairie Whorlwind in 1981 when Mr. Olsen became the editor. Mr. Olsen served as the KDIAI Editor from 1981 until 1985, was Chairman of the Latent Print Review Board from 1979 to 1982, then served on the Latent Print Review Board from 1982, until an unknown time, and served as a KDIAI Board Member. Mr. Olsen wrote numerous articles for The Prairie Whorlwind over the years, both as editor and as a member. He also wrote several articles for the International Association for Identification, having them published in both the Journal of Forensic Identification and Identification News.

The “Robert D. Olsen Sr. Award” was initially known as the “Article of the Year” from 1977 to 1981. In 1981 the KDIAI membership and board decided to name both the article of the year and member of the year awards after notable people, so the article of the year award was changed to the “A. J. Reno Award”. In 1990 the “A. J. Reno Award” was renamed after Mr. Olsen, after his death in 1989, to honor him and his contributions to not only the KDIAI and The Prairie Whorlwind, but also to the latent print discipline and the IAI. 

John C. Hazelet Award

The award for the member that demonstrates outstanding dedicated service during the preceding year is named after John C. Hazelet. Mr. Hazelet was one of the founding members of the KDIAI (member #18), and assisted with writing the first KDIAI constitution and by-laws. He served on the KDIAI Board of Directors upon its inception, and later served as the KDIAI Secretary/Treasurer in 1976-1977. Mr. Hazelet was also a member of the IAI, joining in 1947, served as the regional vice president for the IAI in 1963, and was given life membership with the IAI in 1972. 

The "John C. Hazelet Award" was initially known as the "Member of the Year" award from 1977 to 1981. In the 1981 the KDIAI membership and board decided to name both the article of the year and member of the year awards after notable people, so the member of the year award was changed to the "John C. Hazelet Award".

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The Kansas Division of the IAI is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization. 

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