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Kansas Division of the International Association for Identification

IAI Certifications

The IAI currently offers the following certifications:

For more information, visit the IAI webpage:

Certified members

Certified Bloodstain Pattern Analyst


Holly Latham, KBI Forensic Lab

Cory Latham, KBI

Certified Footwear Examiner


Troy Mohror, Johnson County Crime Lab

Certified Latent Print Examiner


Tim Mitchell, Wichita PD

Mindy Harris, Wichita PD

Holly Latham, KBI Forensic Lab

Eric Moore, KBI Forensic Lab

Jacqueline Hayworth, KBI Forensic Lab

Jay Wessel, KBI Forensic Lab

Michael Fagert, KBI Forensic Lab

Dustin Calvin, Johnson County Crime Lab

Stacy Enemark, Johnson County Crime Lab

Troy Mohror, Johnson County Crime Lab

Cassie Schultheis, Johnson County Crime Lab

Kimberly Gerhardt-Whiddon, Washburn University

Certified Forensic Photographer

Chris Engle-Tjaden, KBI

Certified Crime Scene Investigator


Jana Ramsey, Lawrence PD

George Baker, Lawrence PD

Donald Snyder, Overland Park PD

Lauren Henry, Overland Park PD

Traci Allen, KBI

Jamie Funk, KBI

Cody Goforth, KBI

Randi Johnson, KBI

Cory Stephens, KBI

Kayla Nida, KBI

Shane Webb, KBI

Certified Crime Scene Analyst


Eric Moore, KBI Forensic Lab

Certified Senior Crime Scene Analyst


Andrea Reed, Johnson County Crime Lab

Rebecca Vincent, Johnson County Crime Lab

Kelsey Lynch, Johnson County Crime Lab

Chris Engle-Tjaden, KBI

Are we missing information? Is the information we listed incorrect?

Please let us know so we can update our records.

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1109 N Minneapolis St

Wichita, KS 67214

The Kansas Division of the IAI is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization. 

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