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Kansas Division of the International Association for Identification

2024 Spring Educational Conference

Look forward to the following lectures and workshop!

 Lectures Workshops
 Johnson County Cold Case Study Injury Detection with ALS
 NIBIN Entomology Evidence
 IAI Photography Certification Presumptive Field Testing
 Leadership and Goal Setting for LEO and Forensics Evidence Detection with UV
 Pathology Q&A CSEYE Spy: Forensic Escape Room
 Public Safety Credit Union Fire Debris Evidence Collection
 Fire Investigation Footwear Collection & Documentation
 Drug Overdose Scene Processing 
 Fentanyl Identification 
 CSI for Illicit Hazardous Environments 

IAI Conference

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Past Educational Conferences


The 47th Annual Educational Conference was held on April 24th-26th at the Drury Plaza Hotel in Wichita, Kansas. Out first 2 1/2 day conference in many, many years.

The conference title was "Basic to Advanced Investigative Techniques". We had 133 in attendance and nine vendors and three additional vendor sponsors. We hosted eight workshops and several more lectures.

On Day 1, we had a presentation from Marc Bennett, Sedgwick County DA, and Tim Relph, Wichita PD, on the investigation into the Letitia Davis homicide. Day 1 also included a presentation from Jeremy Chappell on Accreditation, Certification, and Standardization.

Day 2, had a presentation on Ghost Guns from Jason Thon, KBI, the investigation of the Matthew Schoshke homicide from Andy Herrera, KBI, and how to take better known prints and postmortem print identification by Jay Wessel, KBI. A presentation from Cassie Schultheis and Rumi Mamenari Delgado, Johnson County Sheriff's Office reviewed an attempted homicide case where latent prints showed up in a reversed position. Day 2 was wrapped up with a presentation from Wade Cherms, Riley County PD, on using drones for documenting crime scenes.

Day 3, started with a presentation on Bias from Holly Latham, KBI, followed by a presentation on investigative genetic genealogy by Jena Sparling and Todd Leeds, KBI. Holly Latham, KBI, also presented on Bloodstain Pattern Analysis. Wendy Hummell, Sedgwick County Sheriff's Office, gave a presentation on Vicarious Trauma and Building Resilience. Cory Latham, KBI wrapped the day with a presentation on the use of technology to advance investigations.

Workshops on Day 2 and Day 3 included several workshops on Crime Scene Imaging - Basic, Specialized, and Low Light, all taught by Chris Engle-Tjaden, KBI, and Rebecca Vincent, Johnson County Sheriff's Office. Two vendors gave workshops on the FSIS, Arrowhead Forensics, and how to detect more evidence with forensic light sources, Foster+Freeman. Kayla Nida, KBI, gave a presentation on an introduction to forensic anthropology, and Kim Gerhardt-Whiddon and Kole Perez, Washburn University, hosted a workshop on lifting latent prints from hard to light surfaces.

Thank you to all of the presenters/instructors, vendors/sponsors, and the 2022 KDIAI Board for making the 2023 Conference a huge success. Thank you to all of the attendees in make it a great KDIAI Conference - we hope to see you in 2024!


The 46th Annual Educational Conference was held on April 12th-13th at the Bluemont Hotel in Manhattan, Kansas.

The conference title was "Crime Scene Preservation and Documentation". We had 105 in attendance, six vendors, and several wonderful speakers.

Lectures included a case presentation from both CSI and Attorney perspectives of the "She's a Pistol" case in Johnson County, scene preservation, photography composition, sketching and diagramming, evidence collection and packaging, and case presentations from the Riley County Attorney's Office.

Thank you to all of the presenters, vendors/sponsors, and the 2021 KDIAI Board for making it another successful conference!

Past KDIAI Conferences and Annual meetings

2023 - Wichita

- Basic to Advanced Investigative Techniques

2022 - Manhattan

- Crime Scene Preservation and Documentation

2021 - Virtual

- Sexual Assault Investigations

2020 - Cancelled

- Canceled - COVID-19 Concerns

2019 - Junction City

     - The Application of Forensic Disciplines in a Quadruple Homicide Investigation (Franklin County)

2018 - Topeka

     - Mass Casualty Events: Investigation and Crime Scene Processing (Hesston Shooting)

2017 - Lawrence

     - Arson and Bomb Scenes (Brett Seacat Case Study)

2017 - Council Bluffs, IA (Mid-States Joint Conference)

2016 - Wichita (40th)

     - Back To Basics (BTK)

2015 - Manhattan

     - Officer Involved Shootings: Investigation and Forensic Analysis


2014 - Lawrence

     - Crime Scene Fundamentals

2013 - Topeka

     - Mass Disasters / Large Crime Scenes


2012 - Junction City

     - Jodi Sanderholm Case Study

2011 - Wichita

     - Forensic Arson Investigation (Carr Brother's Case Study)

2010 - Manhattan

     - Bio-Defense (Kelsey Smith Case)

2009 - Lawrence

     - First 48 Hours After a Crime / Legal Issues at Crime Scenes

2008 - Salina

     - General Crime Scene Topics

2007 - Topeka

     - Classification Workshop / Crime Scene Photography

2006 - Junction City (30th)

     - General Crime Scene Topics

2006 - Davenport, IA (Mid-States Joint Conference)

2005 - Manhattan

     - General Crime Scene Topics

2004 - Manhattan

     - Back to Basics - Processing the Crime Scene

2003 - Lawrence

2002 - Wichita

     - Court Room Testimony and General Crime Scene Topics

2002 - Peoria, IL (Mid-States Joint Conference)

2001 - Salina

2000 - Salina

1999 - Topeka

1998 - Topeka

1998 - Davenport, IA (Mid-States Joint Conference)

1997 - Manhattan

1996 - Manhattan

1995 - Manhattan

1994 - Manhattan

1993 - Manhattan

1992 - Topeka

1991 - Overland Park - Spring Training

1991 - Overland Park

1990 - Mission

1989 - Overland Park - Spring Training

1989 - Colorado Spring, CO (Joint Conference)

1988 - Manhattan - Spring Training

1988 - Hays

1987 - Topeka

1986 - Manhattan - Spring Training

1986 - St. Joseph, MO (Mid-States Joint Conference)

1985 - Manhattan - Spring Training

1985 - Emporia

1984 - Topeka

1983 - Fort Scott - Spring Training

1983 - Overland Park

1982 - Wichita - Spring Training

1982 - Salina

1981 - Topeka

1980 - Emporia

1979 - Kansas City, MO (Joint Conference)

1978 - Mission

1977 -Wichita

1976 - Topeka

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